Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Be sure to have the Presidential Conference on your calendar!  This exciting event takes place from 9 - 9:30am on Monday, February 20th in literacy classrooms.  There is a more detailed outline of that morning in this week's Rauh's Recap!

Our team worked hard in the school-wide T.I.M.E. competition!  Rauh's Runners finished SECOND place at Oak Crest!  We are SO PROUD of our team!

Be sure to keep reading for at least 30 minutes each day!  The more you read, the more you know!  Our school is tracking reading minutes for "I Love to Read" month in February.  Be sure to fill out the PINK "heart" sheet and return it on Monday!


Rauh's Recap
Here is our weekly newsletter, which is updated the last day of every week.
You can find information for our literacy class here.  Practice the skills we are working on!
Reading Goals Passage
Here is the passage you'll need for your reading quiz.  Remember to look back and find the text evidence before you answer!
IXL Program
This is a great program to improve your math and reading skills!
Think Central
Here is the link for Think Central, which is tied to our reading and math curriculum!
Reading Vocabulary
Here's a place to practice our story vocabulary for the week!  Be sure to practice the activities in this order:

1 = Flashcards
2 = Scatter Game
3 = Vocabulary Test
4 = Learn

Happy reviewing! :)
Contacting Mrs. Rauh
My phone number and e-mail for your quick reference!

(952) 873-2402...ask for Mrs. Rauh

Here is the study guide key for chapter 12 in case you misplaced yours.  There is also a link to some games to review chapter 12.  Our test is on Thursday, February 23rd.
Presidential Research!
This is our big 4th grade research project! Here you can find websites that provide a lot of great information about each of these men!
Current Events
Here are some places you can go to find out what's currently taking place in the news!
Function Tables
This is where you can practice function tables. Be careful when looking at the input and output. Please record each table, with the rule at the top (written as an equation).