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Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year! This is the start of my 16 th year teaching Art in Belle Plaine! 
Below are links to find out more information about T.A.B., Artist Trading Cards, and 2016-2017 Jr. High Visual Arts Team information.  
    Just posted (March 2017):
*Our WOW projects are coming in and soon I'll be posting the photos of the projects in the Art gallery for you to check out. Instead of sorting them by grade I'll be organizing them by Art centers: Drawing, Fiber Arts, Collage, Painting, Sculpture, and Ceramics. Check back soon to see them here or swing by Oak Crest and check out the display cases as they are filling up.   
     I'm continually working on this site so come back soon and see what I've added.
Mrs. Banks
Artist Trading Cards
Click here to find out:
   1. What are Artist Trading Cards (ATC)? 
   2. What is the intention and goal of Artist Trading Cards? 
   3. How can others help?
   4. How can our schools trade cards?
Oak Crest 2016-2017
Click here for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade Art class overview for the 2016-2017 school year. Check out what TAB is in our Newsletter or come for a visit in our Art room to see it in action! 
Group picture of both the Jr. and Sr. High Visual Arts team on our first field trip of the year. Photography at the Renaissance Festival!
2016-2017 Junior High Visual Arts Information
Thanks to all those that were on our team this past season! We had a great time!  
* If you are interested in joining our team next Winter season please sign up for Jr. High Visual Arts team and attend the Fall Eligibility meeting.  You can click here to see how our schedule was set up this past season. You can also click on the art gallery (on the left of this page) to see pictures of our field trips, studio sessions, and finished projects from this past season!