Meet Mr. Stauffacher!

Hello, my name is Jerold Stauffacher. This will be my 16th year working as the Business Education teacher in Belle Plaine and my 20th year of teaching overall. My class offerings include Accounting 1, 2, and 3.  Personal Finance is great class for seniors especially those ready to head out on their own. We cover building a budget, finding the best insurance options, as well as different types of investments.  The last class I have a Sports Marketing which gives students an opportunity to take a look at the world of sports as a business not just a game.
When not in the classroom you can find me coaching or supervising. During the school year I start my day by opening the weight room at 6:15so our student/athletes can get in and do some in season and off season training. During the winter I spend my time coaching Wrestling for the Scott West Panthers.  This will be my 16th year with the program and have the joy of coaching my two sons and their friends.  In the spring I transition to a little slower pace game of golf.  I have been the golf coach for the last 6 years now and enjoy watching the players improve.
My wife (Kathi) and I have live in Belle Plaine for 17 years now.  We lived here in 1995-96 while I did my student teaching.  We moved away for a few years but came back when a teaching position came open.  We love the smaller town atmosphere with the ability to get things we need or want in a short drive.  We were blessed with three children (Lexi 3rd year in college), Jackson (11th grader), and Justin (10th grader).  Belle Plaine schools give students an opportunity to be well rounded as the offering in classroom, sports areas, and fine arts are second to few in the state.
I look forward to working with you child in the future.

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