B-118 Bulletin--February 24, 2017

Hello 4th Grade Families,

Thank you all for taking time to come and visit with me about your child’s progress.  I am really looking forward to heading into spring with your 4th graders.

Bye for Now,

Mrs. Kalal




Science:  Next week, we will wrap up our unit on renewable and nonrenewable resources and conservation.  There are a LOT of vocabulary words to keep straight in this unit, so please take some time to help your child study the concepts.  Watch for a study guide to come home early next week; the test will be on Thursday, March 2.


Social Studies with Mrs. Endres: We are going to be finishing up the Midwest this week, look for a study guide coming home midweek.  The ch. 8 test will be on Tuesday, March 7.


Math: This week, we started learning fraction concepts.  It is great to see that many students retained their 3rd grade basics!  The unit is so large that we split it into two parts.  Next week, we’ll tackle equivalent fractions, simplest form, mixed numbers, and improper fractions.  Thanks for your encouragement at home with the homework!


Literacy: When we get going into March next week, we will focus on the key concept of Theme.  We will also be working through MCA test prep skills, as well as targeted interventions on skills that students have not yet mastered thus far.


I Love to Read Month: Next week, we close out I Love to Read Month with TIGER DAY on Monday.  Show your school spirit by wearing school colors!


FFA Day:  High school FFA students were here this week to talk to the kids about the Belle Plaine FFA program.  4th graders got to make mini pumpkin pies.



Reading Minutes: Please help your child remember to log his/her reading minutes on the sheet stapled inside the planner.  A parent signature is required.  This week’s sheet is WHITE.  It is the LAST one to fill out!

President Project:  I am so incredibly proud of the hard work these kids put into their president projects.  The speeches and costumes on Monday were awesome!  I know some kids were pretty nervous that morning, but everyone did great!  Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to come and see their hard work in action this past Monday.



Monday, Feb. 27: Day 4, STEM 2, Coding 2   Tiger Day - Wear Red, White and Black

Tuesday, Feb. 28: Day 5, STEM 1, BOOST  

Wednesday, March 1: Day 1, Music, PE, Coding 1  

Thursday, March 2: Day 2, PE, Music, Spanish

Friday, March 3: Day 3, Art & BOOST