March 24, 2017

Hello 4th Grade Families,

It is hard to believe we’ve made it to spring break already!  I hope you have some fun plans to help your child relax and be a kid over the next week :).  Over break, I’d like all kids to READ several chapters in a book of their choice.  There are also a couple IXL skills I would like kids to do.  The IXL practice will be a good way to make sure their brains stay ‘sharp’ and ready for MCA’s once we return.  The sheet they are to do is ORANGE and you’ll find it in backpacks tonight!!

Enjoy the weekend and the week ahead!

Bye for Now, Mrs. Kalal

B-118 Bulletin

Math: We have started Unit 11: Decimals.  Students have a good grasp of decimal place value, how to say and write decimal numbers, and comparing decimals to the thousandths place.  After break, we’ll learn to round, add, and subtract decimals, as well as find them on a number line and estimate with them.

Science:  When we return in April, we will be learning different ways to measure matter.  Students will work more with the metric system and learn about mass, weight, density, and volume.  

Social Studies with Mrs. Endres: We are moving to the southwest when we return from spring break. Chapter 10 teaches us about the landforms, climates, and resources of the southwest.  The students have the information for the states/capital quiz, which will be Thursday, April 6th! Hopefully with a little studying students will do well on this region as we will only be covering 4 states!

Literacy:  After break, we will continue firming up skills that each literacy group still needs more work with.  The reading intervention groups have been going really well, and it’s been fun to meet different 4th graders that I haven’t yet had as reading students.  Please ask your child about how ‘Reading WIN’ is going.

Tiger Tribune:  The newest edition of the Tiger Tribune is out!  Please take a few minutes to read it.  Kids at Oak Crest work really hard on the articles!


MCA preparation: As you look ahead to the month of April, please keep our testing dates in mind.  If you are scheduling appointments for your child, it would be VERY helpful and appreciated if you could schedule around our testing dates if at all possible.  There is just something about kids being with their peers, all working toward a common goal, that seems to make a positive difference.  

If you are interested in what the tests will look like, feel free to click on the links above.  The Item Samplers are a good snapshot of what 4th graders might see on the test.

Reading MCA

Endres Literacy: 8:45-10 am  April 5, 6, 7

All other Literacy Classes: 8:45-11:30 (one hour blocks within that time)  April 17, 18, 19 (20th as needed)

Math MCA

April 24, 25, 26:  8:45-10 am

Students who see Ms. Murphy or are in RtI will test on days determined by those teachers.

Yearbook orders due today.

Books for Baby Traeger:  If your family would like, we’d love for you to contribute to a Baby Book Basket for Dr. Hanson’s baby, Traeger.  If you would rather send money, I will happily do the book shopping!  The kids made some really thoughtful and sweet cards for the little guy.  I know they’ll bring a smile to Dr. Hanson and her husband, Marty.


Monday, April 3: Day 4, STEM 2, Coding 2   

Tuesday, April 4: Day 5, STEM 1, BOOST  

Wednesday, April 5: Day 1, Music, PE, Coding 1  

Thursday, April 6: Day 2, PE, Music, Spanish  

Friday, April 7: Day 3, Art & BOOST
 MCA Practice

Test Tutorial (Reading)

Test Tutorial (Math)

Reading Item Sampler

Math Item Sampler

Learning Locator Practice

Did I read that OR is it implied?--Practice