Oak Crest Media Center

What has been Happening in the Oak Crest Media Center?
  • Week of Oct. 8-12: QR  Code Scavenger Hunt!
  • Week of Oct. 22-27:   Book Check out 
  • Week of Oct. 29-Nov. 2: iPad Exploration
  • Week of Nov. 5- Nov. 9: Book Check Out
  • Weeks of Nov. 12-30: Fotobabble!
  • Weeks of Jan 2-11: 5th & 6th grade:Google Search  for beginners: Picking the right terms; 3rd and 4th grade: Understanding Website authenticity. (Dog Island)
  • Week of Jan 14-24: Book Check out and reading
  • Weeks of Jan 21-31: Learning with Socrative!

iPad Exploration:  Typically, new applications are installed on the iPads for the students to explore.  These apps are always educational in nature and reinforce reading and math skills as well as a cross-curricular material covered in other classes.  Please click on the link on the left for a detailed list of apps available for student use at this time.  Students are still instructed to find or renew a book during this tme and have the option to not use the iPad if they choose.
Library Book Check Out Days.  During this time, students are expected to demonstrate respect for the media center and learn to appreciate a library media center as well as become proper stewards of books and materials.   Students are encouraged to bring their books back in a timely manner, but are allowed to keep their books for 2 weeks.  Students may check out up to two items from the media center at a time.  
Missing, lost, or damaged books policy: Students are accountable for returning their books in the same condition they found them.  Missing, lost, or damaged books are expected to be replaced and students are to pay for replacement and/or repair costs.  Once a book has been replaced or compensation has been made, the book becomes the property of the student regardless of whether the book is later found.  

Check out what the kids of Oak Crest are doing in their Media Center!
Real or Fake Website?
Work with a partner see if you can use what you have learned to discover if these websites are real or fake. Report back to the class with your findings.