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Hello Third Grade Families,
Thank you for all of your help making the first week of school a success! I can't wait to have an amazing
school year! Check out the information below to see what we will be working on in the classroom, and please
feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions! 
Talk to you soon! laugh
Mrs. Schroers

MCA Reading Test Sample

Partly Cloudy
Geri's Game

For the Love of Books!! 

MCA Practice 

For our first math unit, we will be working on Geometry! More specifically we will focus on quadrilaterals (a fancy
way of saying, "shapes with four sides") and finding the perimeter of different shapes! After that we will move on 
to our place value unit and focus on multi-digit addition and subtraction. 

To start off the school year, we will practice our balanced literacy stations and then move into our weekly stories. 
We will work on a combination of reading, writing, and spelling skills! 
Spelling = Word Work
This year we are trying a new approach to teaching spelling! We will focusing on word patterns, that will not only
help kids do better in their writing, but also improve their reading! We will also have personal words that the kids 
can choose to work on every week. 

Learning the steps to the Scientific Method is our first big science unit. Students will then use these steps to conduct
short science experiments in the classroom! 

Chapter 2 - Animals:
National Geographic Kids
A-Z Animals
Classifying Animals 
More Classifying Animals Games! 

Chapter 3 - Heredity:

Inherited Traits

Chapter 4 - Adaptations:
Animal Adaptations Activities 

Chapter 8 - Sound
Sound Activities 

Chapter 9 - The Solar System:
Relative Size Video 

 Christmas Around the World!

Daily Schedule: