Ms. Werner's Third Grade
Welcome to our classroom web page. I will try to use this website for listing classroom news, assignments and their due dates, and links to copies of homework assignments. The link on the left will get you back to the Oak Crest Home Page. And, as always, please call or email me with any questions you have!
Announcements this week:
3rd Grade Music:
On Thursday, Feb. 9th the 3rd grade class will be putting on a musical called "Squirm." The musical will be at 7:00pm in the Oak Crest gym. Please put this date on your calendars!

Upcoming Star Students 

Sophie Morrison: January 9th-13th
Nikki Meyer: January 23d-27th
Kristina Mansager: January 30th- February 3rd
Kelton Koepp: February 6th-10th
Avery Kes: February 13th- 17th
Lexi Kamrowski: February 20th-24th

IXL is an awesome app that students will use frequently. Here is a shortcut for signing in to the app.
Please make sure that iPads are coming to school fully charged. Students will be using them more and more as the year goes on. It is helpful to make a routine for the students and possibly have a "charging zone" at home where the students can leave the iPad charge overnight. 
The iPads this year will only allow apps that are on the Self-Service App Store. Students are allowed to download anything they find in that store.

Beginning of January and February
We just finished up rounding, money, and reading tables and graphs. We will be moving on to the Multiplication/Division unit which will take us all the way through the rest of this month and into February. During the multiplication unit, we will start our daily multiplication fact practice. Students will take a 50 question multiplication timing and will need to complete 48/50 to pass to the next timing. They will need to pass each timing twice before moving on to the next set of numbers. At the end of the school year, as a reward for all their hard work, we will have an ice cream sundae party. Based on how many timings they pass, they will get more toppings and ice cream. 
After the multiplication and division unit, we will be doing Unit 11, which is fractions. This will take us through the month of February.
We ask that students are practicing basic math facts nightly.

We have done a wonderful job learning the ELA routines. Students travel through 6 different stations throughout their week. These stations include reading Scholastic News and watching a video correlated to the information they read, word work where they are practicing personal spelling words and word patterns, guided reading where they are meeting with Ms. Werner in small groups, writing, reading skill where they spiral review previous topics that we have learned, and read to self. Students meet with me 2 times a week and also get read to self time a few times a week. They hit the other stations once per week with time allowed to finish anything they didn't complete.  

Our focus story will be "Oliver K Woodman" and then "Aero and Officer Mike", followed by "Kamishibai Man" in the Journey's Book . Each week there will be a focus skill as well as review skills. Students will continue reading books of their choice to help build fluency and comprehension skills, too. 

Our next set of skills will be:
Grammar: Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives (parts of speech)
Writing: Fiction writing with reindeer wanted project.


The Giving Tree

Picture Day Perfection

Officer Buckle and Gloria

Christmas Around the  World

Tacky the Penguin

We will not be taking spelling tests this year. However, we will still practice the different spelling patterns and will work with forming words during our Reading Core time.

A great resource students can use to practice their spelling words is Spelling City
 I have logged each week's spelling pattern into the program. Students can get to it by clicking on MORE LISTS, teacher name Carly Werner.  Students can maneuver through the app and play games, take practice tests, as well listen to the spelling words for extra practice.

Science/ Social Studies
I teach both Science and Social Studies to my class so they do not switch rooms during this time.

Science : We are currently working on parts of a plant and classifying plants by their leaves, roots, and stems. We will move on to Animal Classification next.

Social Studies : Our upcoming social studies unit will be focusing on natural and manmade resources. We will be asking the students to complete a recycling project at home using recyclable materials.


 January and February Specialist Schedule: 
Here is the schedule of our days in Third Grade. With the extra 20 minute BOOST time that students have on Day 3 and Day 5, students end up having Phy. Ed. four days a week. Just a note, some students just keep Gym Shoes in their lockers. It is part of their grade that they have proper foot attire, so please keep this in mind!

January 9th-13th
Mon   -  No School
Tue     - Day 1 ~ Music/P.E./Coding 1
Wed   -  Day 2 ~ P.E./Music/Spanish
Thurs -  Day 3 ~ Art/BOOST
Friday Day 4 ~ STEM 2/Coding 2

January 16th-19th
Mon   -  Day 5 ~ STEM 1/BOOST
Tue     -  Day 1 ~ Music/P.E./Coding 1
Wed   -  Day 2 ~ P.E./Music/Spanish
Thurs -  Day 3 ~ Art/BOOST
Friday -  No School- Teacher Workshop

January 23rd-27th
Mon-  Day 5 ~ STEM 1/BOOST
 Tues -  Day 1 ~ Music/P.E./Coding 1
Wed   -  Day 2 ~ P.E./Music/Spanish
Thurs   -  Day 3 ~ Art/BOOST
Friday -  Day 4 ~ STEM2 (Library)/Coding 2

January 30th - February 3rd
Mon-  Day 5 ~ STEM 1/BOOST
 Tues -  Day 1 ~ Music/P.E./Coding 1
Wed   -  Day 2 ~ P.E./Music/Spanish
Thurs   -  Day 3 ~ Art/BOOST
Friday -  Day 4 ~ STEM2 (Library)/Coding 2