Mr. Hobbs' classroom page

Welcome to our classroom web page. I will try to use this website for listing classroom news, assignments due, and links to copies of homework assignments. You may also use the tabs to the left to check out academic website links, contact me, check Infinite Campus, or the Oak Crest home website. As always, please call or email with any questions you have.  
MCA Math Test
Kakooma Math

Sequencing Games

Announcements this week:

*It's the beginning of the new school year! Please make sure your student is getting enough sleep every night. As well, have your student read at least 15 minutes every night. It is essential that students are reading every day.

*These first couple of days are going to be filled with activities to get-to-know each other and start creating our classroom environment. Don't be surprised if there isn't much to any homework this first week.

What's Going On? - September 8th and 9th
Here is a list of what we are working on this week:


**Please have your child review basic addition or subtraction facts nightly.  The Flash to Pass app on the iPad is a great way to get in some timed practice on addition or subtraction facts (without internet access). 

The Math Fact Cafe website can be used for printing out timings or flash cards to practice facts.  


*Language Arts:  If you want your student to practice more , please click the Spelling City link or type:

*Social Studies/Science: 


Class Schedule 2016-2017 (updated list) 

Weekly Schedule: 
      Day 1- Gym/Music/Spanish

      Day 2- Art/BOOST
      Day 3- STEM-Media/Coding 2
      Day 4   - STEM-Lab/BOOST
      Day 5   - Music/Gym/Coding 1