Welcome to the Belle Plaine Public Schools

Welcome to Belle Plaine Public Schools and the Belle Plaine community! After a full year of being in the district, I am very proud of the educational programs that we offer at Belle Plaine Schools and the caring environment that those programs are offered in. We have a wonderful educational staff at all of our facilities who are willing to utilize all available resources to provide the best education possible to all of our students. It’s so invigorating for me to see the high-level of professional commitment from the people we have working in our district. Staff is always wanting to improve their practice to ensure that the students they serve are in the best learning environments possible. I feel an incredible amount of excitement, joy and energy when thinking to myself how great it is to be working in a place where so many people are so dedicated to what they do, that at their core, they are all committed to being the best they can be!  I have never experienced that feeling in a professional setting, for that I am so thankful to be part of this district.   


Belle Plaine has had such success in our athletics and activities, our fine arts programs as well as our academics. Our educators here at Belle Plaine, are committed at the highest levels to ensure that their kids are learning in the classrooms and are filled with opportunities to learn based on research evidence and best practices. Our staff is constantly hungry to learn and engage in best practice and I believe that is what defines a great school district. The result of a district like ours is happy and fulfilled kids who know how to use creative and critical problem solving skills with an inspired pathway to the future, this is what we seek and what we are producing.  


I have worked in a number of school districts in my career and I wish I could say that in each of those districts I saw the high level of commitment to ensuring students were in learning environments that were built around best practice and evidence based research. To often that is not the case.  Here though, people welcome the opportunity, they seek it on their own and are disappointed and upset when we don’t provide it.  I am confident that our commitment to this work will improve student learning and give the students of Belle Plaine the opportunity to pursue careers that they aspire too! Our district has devoted our lives to service and to serving young people.


I hope that you will come in and visit us as you are exploring your educational opportunities.

Belle Plaine Schools strives to live up to our Mission Statement which is "Expecting Excellence from Everyone, Every Day!"  Our Vision Statement is:  Our district, working in partnership with all families and the community, is a learning organization of engaged, motivated and high achieving lifelong learners who experience daily our:


Academic Excellence through -

    • personalized learning and differentiated programming

    • focus from teaching to learning

    • alignment of rigorous, guaranteed and viable curriculum

Community Culture of Engagement through -

    • recognizing who we are and embracing who we may become

    • collaboration and communication

Sustainability for Excellence and Engagement through -

    • effective management of human, financial and physical resources

    • innovative and integrated use of technology


I am proud of our students, staff, programs and facilities at Belle Plaine Public Schools.  I welcome you to come and grow with Belle Plaine Public Schools!


Contact: Ryan Laager