Chatfield Elementary School


Welcome to Chatfield Elementary School.  Our Focus at Chatfield is developing students ability to learn in a caring, safe, and loving environment.  To achieve this we consistently collaborate about student development in a structured, purposeful approach that creates a community in which every student belongs to a staff person.  


We pride ourselves on having some of the smallest class sizes in the region allowing our staff to individualize, personalize, and differentiate instruction that meets the needs of all learners.  Our average district class size ranks third best out of schools that were compared from the seven county metro area.   


Staff, students and parents work together at Chatfield Elementary School to create partnerships for learning. Building strong partnerships between home and school is the key to success for all students.


We look forward to working with you to realize our vision of a caring, safe, and loving environment where each child learns and grows at their highest potential.


Expecting Excellence from Everyone, Every Day!