Technology and Information Services Department


Technology Implementation at Belle Plaine Public Schools


Welcome to the Belle Plaine Technology site.  In Belle Plaine, we use technology to enhance learning and instruction.  All of our students, K-12, have their own iPad, with carts of iPads for our Preschool program.  The one to one program allows our students access to digital curriculum and the opportunity to develop creative solutions without limits.  We embrace the option of embedding technology on a daily basis, creating an environment where learning is collaborative, personalized, and provides opportunities to impact and enhance programming relative to our students’ futures.


Our students block code in grades K-8, with opportunities to continue coding with Swift, Javascript, Python, and HTML at the high school level.  All students have access to applications and web-based resources that truly help personalize learning for each student in all of our classrooms.   We have teachers in grades 4-12 who offer blended learning environments to best meet the needs of their students.  We’re excited about the opportunities this provides for our students to work on skills specific to their individual strengths and limitations.


Schoology is our choice for a  Learning Management System. This provides an organized, on-line location for student, parent and teacher resources, houses formative and summative assessments and feedback, and offers an environment for students and teachers to collaborate and share.  If you have questions about how to use Schoology, please use the resources available to you on this webpage.  


With the opportunity to use technology, comes the responsibility of taking care of it.  Please note insurance forms, our Informational Technology Handbook, and our Schoology resources linked to the left on this page.  We ask that all students, parents and staff are familiar with the expectations of use and care when it comes to our devices.  


If you have any questions in regards to technology implementation, usage, or care, please contact Margot Hansen, Director of Curriculum, Assessment and Technology at .