Strategic Plan

The Belle Plaine Strategic Plan provides our school district with a road map that provides all of our stakeholders, our students, parents, staff, and community members, a clear direction for the district. Using TEAMWORKS International for Strategic Planning, a collaborative team representing a cross section of leaders identified key strategies to ensure our district was positioned to achieve our Mission and Vision. Those strategies include, but are not limited to, student learning & career/college readiness, core process to teaching & learning, learning & work environment, community engagement and connection and management of resources that prepare students to thrive in a changing world. To accomplish our bold Vision and Mission, Belle Plaine is focused on innovation to meet the changing needs of learners, the increasing demands of society, and financial realities of today.

Belle Plaine Innovates, our primary strategic focus, engages staff and community members in redesigning our future educational system. It includes a focus on:

  • Teaching 21st Century skills and abilities

    • Coding K-6 for 30 minutes per week (Fall of 2016)

    • Blended Learning in math, science, social studies and Language Arts (Fall 2016)

  • Implementing our 1:1 iPad program (Fall 2014)

  • Raising the rigor available to middle and high school students

  • Ensuring world-class literacy instruction through the use of Balanced Literacy K-6


Our District Vision statement:

"We will work together as a united community with mutual respect to achieve academic & co-curricular excellence, develop lifelong learners and productive citizens in a safe and supportive environment."

Our Mission statement:

The mission of the Belle Plaine School District, Expecting Excellence from Everyone, Every Day.

Contact: Ryan Laager