Individualized Learning 
21st Century Learning has become a coined term used by schools across the state and nation. Unfortunately, very few school systems really understand what 21st Century Learning is and what needs to be done to insure students are learning and growing in an environment that prepares them for the 21st century workforce. In Belle Plaine we have done a considerable amount of work to give our students an advantage when they leave our system. 

We believe that lifelong learning is a skill we need to give students. Our focus on blended learning teaches students about unlimited access to learning opportunities that are available to them on via the internet. Coding is the universal language of the 21st Century so we begin providing this learning experience to our students for thirty minutes a week in Kindergarten, we have a 1:1 iPad program and much more! In Belle Plaine Public Schools we have been examining practices and looking for areas we can improve our practice to ensure we are preparing our students for the world they will be entering. We want to ensure students are developing the skills and knowledge necessary to responsibly navigate this emerging modern world. Today's world will require students to have a different set of skills than what was required a decade ago.