As we work to provide students with the skills they will need for a constantly changing world, we consider coding to be one of those skills, another language worthy of fluency.  Coding allows students to practice programming in a fun, yet challenging way.  Part of the experience is understanding the vast amount of computer programming used in the world; from stop lights to video games, we want our students to be literate in the language of the 21st Century.  


Although we have offered the experience of coding in our intermediate school for a few years,  Belle Plaine Public Schools has committed to implementing coding opportunities starting in Kindergarten.  All students in our kindergarten through sixth grade classrooms will code a minimum of 30 minutes a week.  As those students move through our system, individualized learning experiences enhancing their skills in coding will continue.  

Our passionate and innovative STEM and technology instructors will be focusing on:

  • Coding opportunities for everyone.

  • Building a passion for computer programming using, Hopscotch, Scratch, Swift, STEM Fuse, Javascript, Python, HTML and programs alike.

  • Researching current occupations and careers which regularly incorporate computer programming.

  • Development of school-wide programs and/or clubs to allow for the implementation of these coding and programming skills .

Our hope is to build a passion for being innovative, while providing the language skills of the 21st Century.  We hope to help students make their ideas a reality, and we believe programming and coding will help them do this.