1:1 Program



Is to ensure rigorous and relevant learning opportunities that offer on-demand experiences available to students at anytime and anywhere.  These experiences need be flexible and adaptable to individualize, differentiate, and personalize the learning experience for all students, preparing them to be lifelong learners that will be successful in a global society.

Digital Learning Initiative:


Technology clearly plays a significant role in our lives and the lives of our students. In an educational setting, technology and digital tools can be extremely advantageous for accessing, processing, and producing content as well as enhancing instruction in the classroom. Technology also allows students to collaborate in ways that were not previously possible, and the integration of digital tools helps to ensure that students develop skills necessary to be successful in today’s world. Those skills are not only transferrable between content areas, but also applicable to future academic and job-related tasks.


By providing equitable access to educational technology, we have already noted many benefits including the following: increased organization, flexible submission of work, more frequent communication between teachers and students/families, access to more current resources, seamless collaboration, differentiated learning experiences, and more.  Our two main areas of focus through the 1:1 program are individualizing instruction and improving 21st century skills. Other goals of the program include the following:

  • Increase student engagement

  • Accelerate learning

  • Promote rigor and relevance

  • Reduce achievement gaps

  • Provide immediate feedback

  • Increase access to anytime learning

  • Encourage collaboration

  • Inspire creativity and innovation