Assessment Review

In 2013 we were below average in 13 of 17 assessed areas. This led us to set a goal to get all of our MCA scores to above the state average. In 2019, we were only below the state average at one grade level in reading, one grade level in Science and four grade levels in Math. As a result we have a strong commitment to working on Math this year with the hope of bringing each of these grade levels up to the state average.

We've had a strong commitment over the last 5 years to develop a strong literacy program. We have some of the best balanced literacy instruction K-6 in the state of Minnesota. Our use of technology allows us to offer more than 2,000 titles to every student, every day. This library allows students to find books that are of interest to them and in their zone of proximal development. Through the use of guided reading, independent reading, spelling city, vocabulary city, and conferring with teachers, our students grow at exceptional levels.