Mental Health Support & Resources 

The Belle Plaine Public Schools full-time mental health therapist will continue to provide therapy and mental health support to your students, families. The therapists will contact the parents/guardians of each of their clients and offer telemedicine-therapy. If there is a scheduled diagnostic assessment they will provide it via telemedicine if the client is willing and able. Scott County Mental Health will continue to provide crisis services and information and have contingency triage plans set up in the event they are needed to assure clients have support.

Our counselors and social workers will continue to make connections virtually with students and groups who they are currently supporting.  They will also respond to incident reports or web searches/emails received throughout the day that may suggest students are in need of support. The support staff will track, monitor, and report weekly to the leadership team on services provided to students.

Need Support? Click on the appropriate link below!
Chatfield (Grades PK-2)
Oak Crest (Grades 3 - 6) 
Junior/Senior High Grades 7 - 12 
Junior/Senior High Counselors Connection Schoology Page --> watch this video to learn more!

Chatfield Elementary -- Kelli Quast -
Oak Crest Elementary -- Claire Otto -
Junior/Senior High -- Amie Hohenstein -
Junior/Senior High -- Sara Geller -
Junior/Senior High -- Amy McAulay
District Wide Social Worker - Jamie Olson -