Instructional Design for Distance Learning

Communication Daily with students

  • Skype, video, Schoology, Loom, ZOOM, Google Hangout
    • The tool and use is consistent with grade level/academic area

The daily lesson that offers a quality learning experience

  • Teachers define this by grade level examples and tools
  • Schoology is the Platform for interaction
    • i.e. record them reading a story, open-source resources, students plan and deliver lessons
    • Meeting the needs of all learners (EL, 504, IEP)
  • Scope and Sequence from where we ended
Daily Demonstration of Learning or assessment of learning
  • IXL--for assessment only
  • Upload notabilit
  • Write a reflection
  • Schoology
  • Blog or Form Post
Daily reflection of student learning
  • Doesn’t have to be in writing
  • What went well, needs to be tweaked for tomorrow based on what students demonstrated they knew and what they were able to do
  • Use this reflection to prepare/tweak tomorrows learning and front load material
  • Continue to building scope and sequence based on the Instructional Design