Students and Parents/Guardians,

If ou are interested in participating in the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) for Spring 2021, please watch the two Loom videos linked below to learn about PSEO and how to apply.

  1. Watch the Loom video: What is PSEO?

  2. After determining that PSEO is a good fit for you, then watch PSEO Application Process to learn how to apply to Normandale Community College for PSEO.

    1. Follow the steps outlined in the video to continue the application process.

    2. All links referenced in the videos are included below.

Related PSEO Links:

What is PSEO - Google Slides

PSEO Application Process - Google Slides

List of Participating PSEO Colleges/Universities

MDE NOSR Form 20-21

PSEO Intent Form

Normandale PSEO Website 

BPHS PSEO Enrollment Contract

If after watching the two Loom video above you have questions, please contact:

Amy Wood 
Student Support Specialist